“Pig” Out Birthday Party

Howdy, Partners! I very much enjoyed planning the kids’ birthday party this year. We had a “farm” theme that turned into a hot dog bar. I found¬†these¬†really cute “Down on the farm” invitations from Snapfish. I bought 20 cards and with shipping and a coupon only spent $15 that is almost 75 cents a card. This is what they look like (example card from Snapfish not the Cole kids actual card).



Next, I had to get started on the cake. My kids love cupcakes and I think they are easier for guests to grab and eat than to have to mess with cutting a cake. My kids said they wanted a cow cupcake and a pig cupcake. After scouring Pinterest for hours on end, I settled on cows, sheep, and pigs. I bought pink cupcake liners from Walmart for the pigs and white cupcake liners for the sheep. I bought cow print cupcake liners from Amazon for $3 plus my prime free shipping. I used fondant for the cupcake toppers (pink, white, and black) I had to buy the pre-colored black fondant at the store but the white and pink I made from scratch using this recipe. They were so much fun and to say my kids loved them is an understatement they thought mommy was a cupcake god!



Next, was the table decorations and this was so much fun and I didn’t have to buy much because I used a lot of my son’s tractors and trailers. We did invest in some awesome chalk board stands from Walmart that were inexpensive and we can reuse for other parties. Here are a few of the barn food items we had:

Tractor Tires- Oreos
Cow Patties- No Bake Cookies
Hay Bales- Rice Krispie treats
Chicken Feed- Chex Mix
Fresh Eggs- Deviled Eggs
Fresh Produce- veggies in containers/mason jars
Watering Hole- all sorts of drink
Pitchforks/Shovels- Forks and Spoons


We chose to do red paper straws and red Solo cups but Mason Jars would be really cute too. We also did a hot dog bar with different toppings such as chili, cheese, onions, jalapenos, and relish. I found hot dog basket trays at Dollar General for around 3 for $1 and bought hot dog paper liners off Amazon. I used checkered picnic table clothes for all of the tables.

I enjoyed throwing this party and our kids loved it. They enjoyed decorating with me and all the fun snacks that turned into barn food! Our guests were impressed and best of all we all enjoyed a fun farm filled birthday party.

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