DIY: Sliding “Barn” Door

The best part about this project: I only spent $65.

I spent hours scouring the boards looking at sliding barn doors. I just knew our house needed one but I could never find the right spot until I realized our master closet literally had no door on it. It was a walk-in closet which I supposed was termed because of the virtual fact you just walk in. When it hit me that we had a perfect spot to put a sliding barn door…I went to work! I thought I wanted a barn door since I was going for a country chic theme. You would think living in the middle of Kansas, barn doors would be very easy to find but they are few and far between because no one wants to part with them. I had decided I would build one out of new lumber and paint/distress it myself.

It must have been my lucky day because a contractor in town was about to take an old kitchen door to the dump. He was working on an older couple’s house out in the country and they wanted to replace their old door with a more modern door. I didn’t take a picture of the original color but it was brown on one side and a burnt orange on the other side. I had some leftover navy chalk paint that matched perfectly with our grey walls and chocolate floors. Update: Since completing this project, I have found/seen many more doors for cheap usually at flea markets, auctions, and thrift stores.

I searched all the major hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Menards for the sliding hardware but most of them came with a heavy price tag. I am an avid Amazon Prime member mainly because of the low prices and free 2-day shipping. I decided I would check out Amazon and of course Amazon came through with this beauty.

TCBunny Country Steel Sliding Barn Wood Door Hardware Antique Style (Brown)


Attaching the hardware was relatively easy, the entire project excluding the painting took 1.5 hours. I have read if you are building or are wanting to remove your drywall, you can place anchors behind the drywall so the slider has more support to cling on to it. It is very important to level it and check the level several times before you start drilling.

To fill the doorknob hole, I bought “doorknob hole covers.” Yes, this is a real thing and that is really what they are called or “closet pulls.” I bought these because they matched the slider color and also were from Amazon and free shipping with our Amazon Prime.

Slide-Co 164450 Mortise Closet Door Pull, 5/16 in. x 2-1/8 in. Outside Diameter, Solid Steel, Classic Bronze Finish


For only $65, I absolutely love our sliding “barn” door. I have now convinced my husband we need one for the laundry room… I will definitely post my laundry room makeover when we are finished.



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