Inexpensive Bath Remodel: a chic twist on a kids bath

We moved into our house almost five years ago and we have now remodeled every room in our house except for the kitchen and laundry room (my goal for this winter!!). Our main bathroom which we have termed the Kids Bathroom but is actually our only restroom for guests to use too, has been remodeled two times and countless different paint attempts.

When we first moved in, everything and I mean EVERYTHING was white (white floor tile, white walls, white trim). White with three kids does not work so we painted and painted. I struggled with our kids bathroom because I wanted it to be fun and kid friendly but also appropriate for guests to use since it was our only restroom readily available to them.

Here is a pre-move in picture of the bathroom.


We stripped the wallpaper using a vinegar/water combination…mostly vinegar. You mix it in a spray bottle and spray the walls then you a scraper of any kind and start scrapping and peeling it off. They do make an actual wallpaper scrapper but I didn’t want to spend the money for it. Once the walls were scrapped we washed them to get the glue off using a soap and water ratio you can also use vinegar again but I would recommend a fan, wearing a mask, and opening the windows up. We also changed the faucet and replaced the toilet. I painted the cabinet a light great and bought new silver pulls and hinges. We painted the walls purple as seen below and updated the light fixture. We did very minimal surface value changes….we didn’t replace the vanity or the floor.



The picture doesn’t do it justice, it did look a lot more kid friendly but yet adult friendly. However, we were new to be parents and quickly added to our little family. It became more difficult to have one sink and not enough room for towels and bath time. Also, as you can see in the first photo the tile was white, of course! I was constantly cleaning it literally at least 2x a week. I decided I had had enough and we did a complete renovation for around $2,500. We hired someone to do some other work so we asked them to do the bathroom as well. I will add the quote was higher than this but because of many DIY solutions I used and shopping around we reduced the price significantly. It also helped that our contractor was very open to all of my ideas.

Below is a buffet my grandmother had in her house that she was getting rid of that I decided to add legs to, painted it, and added some fun knobs!


I shopped around for sinks and faucets. I originally wanted the faucets to come out of the wall but decided if in the future we ever changed it may be more difficult. I found the sinks, faucets, and drains on Amazon. I researched this quite a bit and I chose these drains because they do not plug up or have a stopper and because these bowls sit on top there is not a overflow hole and with kids it was either purchase a more expensive sink with an overflow hole or buy less expensive drains that do not plug up. I also was wanting a more industrial kid friendly bathroom that is what I chose these faucets. These were the cheapest faucets and sinks I could find. You may be able to find the drains cheaper but since I was already buying the other stuff I went with these. I will add that you need to make sure the diameter of the drain hole in the sink fits the diameter of the drain you choose. If you purchase these listed above they fit together perfectly!

Here is our finished product! I couldn’t be happier it is a perfect combination of fun care-free kids with a squirt of class for the adults!


I finally found the perfect mirrors at Walmart for $10 and spray painted them white to match.

We chose a light grey wall color and a grey tile flooring. The cabinet is an old metal shop cabinet my grandmother had in her garage that I repainted. The lights are industrial outdoor lights from Lowe’s for $20.


Because we re-purposed a lot and shopped around we saved over $1,000 especially when double sink vanities start out around $500 and that’s for a basic model. We also saved on sinks and faucets buying from Amazon and the light fixture was cheap compared to the average fixture.

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