DIY: Dress Up Closet

My daughter loves and I means loves to dress up and pretend. Over her extremely exuberant two year lifespan she has acquired quite the collection of dress up clothes. For Christmas this year, I decided to re-purpose a dresser I purchased for $20. I used my “go to” paint…chalk paint. This is the same color we painted our bathroom vanity in. I really like the Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint mainly because I am not overwhelmed with color choices and I truly admire the colors they do carry. I have painted several different pieces of furniture and white linen by Rust-Oleum is a very elegant classic white.


Because it was chalk paint I didn’t have to sand it. I first had to remove some hardware and wood from the dresser in order for it to be a functional wardrobe carrier. I then painted two coats. I bought my hardware from Amazon. I had old barnwood laying around so I used that as the top to cover the drawer opening.


I am very pleased with how this turned out. Including the cost of the dresser, I spent $30 for this entire project. I purchased some new Disney Princess Dresses and Shoes as part of her Christmas gift, too.


Amazon Prime is the best… FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING…


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