Coat Closet Organizing

I wish I would have taken “before” pictures but basically I had 3 storage areas in my house. Mostly full of party stuff, scrapbooking, crafts, and office type supplies.  I was so tired of the junk piling up I decided to take action. I combined all 3 disaster zones into 1 well organized closet.

I first had to add better shelving. Over the last 4 years, I have found that in order to make our closets functional we have to redo them by adding shelves lots and lots of shelving. I think because we have already done something similar to other closets adding the shelves only took us 20 minutes. I didn’t completely get rid of the hanging bar because we still may need it in the future.


I bought the majority of my tubs from the dollar store for $1. I found these awesome labels that allow me to change out the title without actually ruining the tub. Here are a few of my box labels:
Straws- the new fad in paper straws has wreaked havoc on my house
Napkins- I have several from many many different occasions
Plastic Silverware- many assorted colors
12×12 paper
Small paper
Chalk boards
Punches- every circle or shape punch I have is now all in one box
Fabric- mostly scrap fabric and tulle lots and lots of tulle from tutus
Paint brushes

What helped me the most was this door organizer. I first saw this in Lowe’s but I shopped around and found it cheapest here.

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