What is your purpose in 2017?

What is your purpose in 2017?
I feel like 2016 flew by, honestly, I can’t even remember half of it… I’ll blame the pregnancy brain.

I decided in 2017 I’m going to have a better grip on the reigns and try not to let it get away from me.

I’m an Usborne consultant and to start 2017 off our director created this awesome event called Crack the January Code. It has been very helpful in preparing for Usborne but more so for my life and helping me find my purpose for 2017. I want to share the exercises with everyone else.

First Objective: Choose a theme for 2017.

Here was my list:

Shine the Light

Live Simply

Travel New Paths

Live Purposefully

Second Objective: Choose 3 focus areas for 2017.


Here are mine: I did 4




My Ideas
Third Objective: Choose action steps for those areas

Family: plan a trip for January and then a few smaller trips

Financial: Debt free!

Spiritual: attend a couples conference

My ideas: Follow through on 1 idea!
Fourth Objective: list 3 barriers

These can be mental barriers or beliefs that prevent you from excelling or hold you back from conquering your dreams.


You can conquer anything you put your mind to. Remove the barriers and self-doubt and take control of 2017. Don’t let the year slip by, embrace the small stuff, and create new memories and adventures.

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